Sunday, 6 March 2011

tired of all the celebrating


Today was a busy day! Even though I got up at 11 o'clock, I didn't get any time for myself. In the morning I had to help my mum with decorating the cupcakes. It is so much more fun to have cupcakes instead of pie or a normal cake. That is so standard and you can choose from a lot of colours and decorations. That was a lot of fun to make them and all the decoration tasted delicious. Then I had to take a shower and get dressed and then my family and friends came over. I got even more gifts(I'm only spoiled a little bit) and we had all of this delicious food(from which I ate too much!). Here follow some pictures of today:

Our homemade cupcakes. It looks pretty good if I may say so.
My table full of presents.
A big toiletry and a small make-up bag of the Dutch brand Blond Amsterdam.
Black nail polish as I wished for.
What do you think of the cupcake-idea? Is it an new inspiration or more a no-go. I'd love to hear your oppinion about it!


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  1. leuke kadootjes, en die cupcakes «3