Friday, 29 July 2011

Italy, shoes and eye shadow


How is your holiday? I'm just relaxing in front of my little cottage and looking out over the Garda lake(if the name is the same as in Dutch) in Italy. Just to give you a bit of an idea on how it looks: picture mountains with a lake in front of them and some olive trees. Before I went to Italy, I went to my aunt. I stayed there for a week, because she asked me to help her with sorting out photos from the last 20/30 years. So you can imagine we had quite a lot of work to do.

In one of my previous post about the shoe issue I told you that I couldn't decide which shoes I wanted. Now (actually a little while ago) I made up my mind. I was walking around in Utrecht to look for shoes and a bikini, when I walked past the window of the H&M. And then I saw them. I was sold immediately. I went inside but they weren't in my size any more. So I went to the other H&M. Luckily they did have the right size over there.

So in the end I ended up buying none of the shoes from that other post.

I also have something else to show you. My aunt gave me this, because she got it from someone and didn't use it. So she gave it to me ( of course I was really happy with that). It's eye shadow from Estée Lauder. I really like the colors, because they match with a lot of things.

I like the darkest and the lightest colors the most.
So what do you think? Did I end up buying shoes that are better or worse than the shoes I had in mind at first? Let me know.

x&o's Emma

Saturday, 9 July 2011



A long time ago I saw these nailpolish colors at the Kruidvat. I really loved them, but I didn't know which colors I wanted(because there were a lot). Then, I went to the store today and I saw another lovely color. It was the last one and I couldn't resist! It was such a beautiful color and Im really addicted to it. From the other colors I picked two I liked the most. I could have bought more because they were only €1,25 I believe.

I don't know if they have these colors in other countries, but for those of you from Holland who want to get these colors, these are the names and numbers:
  • n.37 Just rock it!
  • n.38 Choose me
  • n.43 Where is the party?

n.37 Just rock it!

n.43 Where is the party? Sorry for the blurry picture.

n.38 Choose me. Too bad it's not that thick
N. 43 Where is the party? is my favorite color. I think I'm going to wear it a lot. Which is your favorit?

x&o's Emma

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Shoe issue

Hi guys

I've got a bit of a problem. Well it's not really a problem, but I don't know what to do. I have to choose between to pairs of shoes.

I saw these wedges from Uggs at a store, but they were a bit too expansive. Then I saw the almost exact same pair, but for less money. I really like them I you can barely see that they are fake. They are in three different kinds of colors. I probably want the black pair. The fake version is I think €20.

Uggs Violet
The other shoes I saw are from the H&M. These also come in three colors: black, red and nude. The red ones are fabulous, but maybe a little bit hard to match with other things. The nude ones will make your legs look longer and the black ones go with almost everything. These are €30.

H&M wedges
I really don't know which one I have to choose. You've got to help me. Please leave a comment in which you tell me you like the most and in which color.
x&o's Emma

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shop log: Last month (or more)

Hi guys

The past month I've been shopping once in a while. But because I didn't have my camera I could show you. That is why I came up with the idea to show you everything I bought while I was gone. It's actually not that much so my list is short.

I'll start with clothing.
Red dress: H&M
White oversized top: Primark
Black long dress: H&M
Pink top: Supertrash
To get ready for the summer I also bought some shoes.

The pink shoes I showed you yesterday: New Look
Black shoes: Primark
Turquoise sandals: Primark
To finish my look I got some accessoires.

Parrot earrings: Primark

Bag: Primark

Bracelet Gold&Black: H&M
Watch: Blokker
Color Bracelet: Primakr
Ring: H&M
You've probably already noticed that I went shopping at the Primark. I can't resist all the clothing and accessoires they have. I just can't leave empty handed. I think I'm quite ready for going on holiday. What is your must have for the holiday?

x&o's Emma

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Do you remember me?

Hi guys

Remember, it's me, Emma! I know its been a long time, but I have a reason... My camera was send back to the factory, because I had some problems with it. I would get it back today, but I went with my parents and my sister to Antwerp. Now the package will be brought tomorrow. Then I can show you what I bought . It's actually not that much. I only bought a watch and shoes. I can show you with pictures from the internet.
I bought a pair of ballet shoes at the New Look.
They are so cute and cost only €10!

I bought this watch at the Blokker for €10.
My watch is of course not a real Ice watch, but it doesn't really bother me. Usually I don't wear watches so I'm not going to spend a lot on it. My sister bought the same watch, but in the color Pink. It was the last one so she got the one from the display. We couldn't wait to put them on and 10 minutes later, her watch broke! I hope mine will last longer.

I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't find anything else. The sale was a bit annoying, because it was just a big mess. Well, this saves me money when I'm going on holiday.

x&o's Emma

Monday, 23 May 2011

DIY: Necklace

Hi girls

I wanted to post this DIY a bit earlier but I couldn't find the time to finish it. I was thinking about doing one again for a long time, but I had 0 inspiration. Then I saw a necklace on a website and I thought: "I can make one myself!". When I got home I went looking for the materials needed and started working. it only took a bit longer before I got all the materials(I had to take something appart before I could use it).

The things you need for this DIY are:
  • Leather (I used some old(read: something you don't use anymore) shoes from my mom)
  • Scissors
  • Stanley(don't know if that is the good word for it, but I mean something like a small knife to make a hole in the leather)
  • These small golden pins
  • Long necklace. Preferably gold, but it depends on the colour of your leather.
Most of the stuff I used.
Use the stanley(or whatever it is called) to make two holes for the pins.
Attach it to the necklace and split the pins.

 I hope you like it. Would you wear it or is it not really your style?

x&o's Emma

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Festival season


Summer is coming and so are all the festivals. It's too bad I'm too young to go to festivals, but for those of you who are old enough: Here is some of my personal style for you.
Of course we hope for good weather, so most of the clothing I picked are for sunny days.

My favourites are the ripped shorts.
 If you are in a bad weather situation, just put on a fabulous raincoat and some fancy rainboots and go. I hope you can use my ideas. What would you wear to a festival? Let me know.

x&o's Emma