Friday, 11 March 2011

Pretty perfect pink


It's been 2 days ago since my last post. I'm really sorry for that, but I had time nor inspiration to write something. I came up with the idea of a post about pink accessories, because you can mix them with a lot of things and I wear them quite often.

My favorite pink accessories

I got this pair of bracelets for my birthday

Too cute hair clips from the Primark

A kind of braided bracelet with pink/white/golden beads.
 Like the pink accessories or too girly for you? What are your favorite accessories?



  1. ohmygod, I love you accessoires!
    serious really my kind of style!
    oh wacht ik zie dat je nederlands ben lalala,
    leuke blog, ik ga je volge =D


  2. Die armband is echt mooi <3
    Ik draag armbanden meestal in de zomer en kettingen in de winter ^.^
    Xx Lulu

  3. Ahw, superschattige sieraden! xx

    **Kom gezellig eens langs bij mijn blog.
    Terugvolgen mag, mr is geen 'moetje'xx