Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Making money baby


Maybe a little bit a late post, but I had to study Economy for a test I have tomorrow and I was learning how to make money and what to do with it. It is so boring, but I'm still going to choose it for my profile next year(why oo why). While studying hard(sure), I'm of course listening to music together with a cup of mint tea. In my music list: Adele - Set fire to the rain, Rihanna ft. Kanye West - All of the lights, Kanye West & Jay-z ft. Nicki Minaj - Monster and many others.

On this picture it looks really disgusting, but it tastes really good

My economy book

When I went to study on my room, I came across this little fellow. His name is Willem

What is your study-music? And which subject do you hate to study?



  1. Leuke liedjes! Ik luister geen muziek wanneer ik studeer want dan ben ik helemaal afgeleid :D

    Hoe ging je test? xx

  2. leuke blog!! and cute cat
    follow back?