Monday, 7 March 2011

Bags, bags, bags


Today was such a long day! Well, actually it went by quite quickly, but if you look at the hours, it was long. I spent most of my day at school from 8.30 until 16.20. Luckily my last period was visual arts, so my day wasn't too boring. When I came home I had to studie Biologie, because I have a test tomorrow. Actually I didn't study that much yet which I should have done.

When I was cleaning my closet I found a lot of bags, so I decided to do a post about my favourite bags.

My flower bag. It was really love at first sight.
My bag when I go shopping or don't need a lot of stuff (cause the capacity isn't that big). It has a really cool pattern with a hippie-kind of look.

My clutch with studs. I got it from my sister for Christmas.
 What is your favourite type of bag? And what bag do you really háve to have?



  1. The clutch is my favorite!

  2. My favourite bag is purple, but he's getting stuck :(
    So i need a new one. I like the flower bag :D
    Xx Lulu

  3. Ah die bloemetjes tas is echt super!