Monday, 23 May 2011

DIY: Necklace

Hi girls

I wanted to post this DIY a bit earlier but I couldn't find the time to finish it. I was thinking about doing one again for a long time, but I had 0 inspiration. Then I saw a necklace on a website and I thought: "I can make one myself!". When I got home I went looking for the materials needed and started working. it only took a bit longer before I got all the materials(I had to take something appart before I could use it).

The things you need for this DIY are:
  • Leather (I used some old(read: something you don't use anymore) shoes from my mom)
  • Scissors
  • Stanley(don't know if that is the good word for it, but I mean something like a small knife to make a hole in the leather)
  • These small golden pins
  • Long necklace. Preferably gold, but it depends on the colour of your leather.
Most of the stuff I used.
Use the stanley(or whatever it is called) to make two holes for the pins.
Attach it to the necklace and split the pins.

 I hope you like it. Would you wear it or is it not really your style?

x&o's Emma

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Festival season


Summer is coming and so are all the festivals. It's too bad I'm too young to go to festivals, but for those of you who are old enough: Here is some of my personal style for you.
Of course we hope for good weather, so most of the clothing I picked are for sunny days.

My favourites are the ripped shorts.
 If you are in a bad weather situation, just put on a fabulous raincoat and some fancy rainboots and go. I hope you can use my ideas. What would you wear to a festival? Let me know.

x&o's Emma

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Back in the scene

Hello Everybody

I'M BACK!! It's been a while (a month) since my last post. I'm really sorry for that, but I was so busy with school and everything that I didn't even have time for you guys. I had to do a big project in which I put a lot of time(it was worth it, because it came out amazing! If you ever need someone to write a newspaper(that was the project) I'm your man, eh..girl). I promise I'll post more from now on. I'm trying to build up my stamina, cause it is kinda low. It's the same with f.e. reading a book. In the beginning I go through it very quick and half way through I stop.

I have a great idea. Why don't you guys put something in your comment below about what you would like to see (more) on my blog and I'll try to put it in or adjust my blog to it.

x&o's Emma