Monday, 28 February 2011

b'day issues

Tomorrow is already my 15th b'day! This year has gone so fast! My only problem is: what can I ask for presents. I know that sounds a bit rude, but everybody asks it and when i say "I don't know, why don't you think of something?" they always say "yea but it is not my present and what if I buy something you don't like...etc.". Finaly I came up with some little ideas and then my sister starts complaining that this are more ideas for my friends to give! Sometimes she really drives me nuts! But she is still my sister and I love her, so I'll just tell her kind that I don't know anything else. Maybe you have some good ideas for me?!(I know it's a little late, but I celebrate it on Saturday, so time enough)
The people who are most complaining about my lack of inspiration are my parents. Almost every hour my mom askes: did you come up with an idea yet? And I always say :NO. But about 2 weeks ago i found the ultimate b'day gift for me. It was an antique chair with gold and flowers on it. I immediately fell in love with it. i saw it on a site (something like eBay, but Dutch) and I ran hystarical to my mom that I found it. My mom said: Ok we will think about it. One day later I came home from school and looked at it again to be certain that this was what i wanted. It still looked beautiful until my sister said: are you sure it's still available? I refreshed my internetpage and saw that it was already SOLD!! I couldn't believe it; not even 24 hours later! Since then I haven't got any idea what to ask my parents.


Sunday, 27 February 2011


OH!I really don't know what to do. There is nothing on TV and nobody interesting to talk to! I think I'm turning crazy. I'm for once glad that school starts tomorrow. OMG I can't believe I just said that! But it's true. This one holiday week was a relaxing moment I really needed and now I've got refreshed energy to get back to school. I'll probably say something else in 2 days.
I actually didn't do that much in my holiday. Just staying in bed and a bit of shopping for furniture. I've got a my sisters room since new year so I still have to redecorate it a bit to my style. For decoration I love to go to stores where they have second hand stuff and because my mom had some days off, she came with me. I bought some really cool stuff(in my oppinion). I bought some old photo frames and some small glass vases kind of things. My biggest purchase was a suitcase (you can call me crazy). It is really old and it has this really cool vintage style. Maybe in a later post I can show you some pictures of my room.



I'm already getting this thing
you might think: ow again a post, she hasn't got anything to do
sad enought, that is actually true
maybe I could introduce myself a little bit more to you:
well, I'm Emma and 15 years old(you already knew that) and i live in a small city called IJsselstein
I love fashion (most of the time shopping, but also reading about it) and always want to have the latest things
the funny thing is actually that when I look in to my closet, I don't really like what I see

(I'm sorry for the mess!)

there are some new clothes in it, but also a lot of old stuff and they kind of "rule" my closet
it looks like I haven't updated my closet in like 10 years
I think the best way to get rid of this is to shop till I drop and buy all my must haves( if my wallet allows it!) and trow all my old stuff away: that will give me a great feeling!
first step: spring closet clearance




my name is Emma and I'm 15 (in 2 days) years old
I live in Holland and this is my first blog!
It's about fashion and my daily life
i hope you enjoy it!