Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Black & Bright


Today I just stayed home. I was really tired and I think I'm getting ill. Just coughing and sneezing in bed all day. I hope I'll be better by Monday before I get on the plane to Ireland. A few days ago I went shopping in Utrecht. I went to the H&M and immediately fell in love with a skirt and a top. And surprisingly it matched together so well. Lately I'm trying to buy less clothes from the H&M, because when you buy something, a lot of people are wearing that same piece. But always when I walk into the H&M, there is something that I must have(this time a top and skirt and almost shoes).

A leopard printed crop top.

Together with a leather skirt.
Would you pick it from the clothing rack or leave it where it was?


1 comment:

  1. Het shirtje vind ik erg leuk, maar het rokje is niks voor mij
    Xx Lulu