Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shop log: Last month (or more)

Hi guys

The past month I've been shopping once in a while. But because I didn't have my camera I could show you. That is why I came up with the idea to show you everything I bought while I was gone. It's actually not that much so my list is short.

I'll start with clothing.
Red dress: H&M
White oversized top: Primark
Black long dress: H&M
Pink top: Supertrash
To get ready for the summer I also bought some shoes.

The pink shoes I showed you yesterday: New Look
Black shoes: Primark
Turquoise sandals: Primark
To finish my look I got some accessoires.

Parrot earrings: Primark

Bag: Primark

Bracelet Gold&Black: H&M
Watch: Blokker
Color Bracelet: Primakr
Ring: H&M
You've probably already noticed that I went shopping at the Primark. I can't resist all the clothing and accessoires they have. I just can't leave empty handed. I think I'm quite ready for going on holiday. What is your must have for the holiday?

x&o's Emma

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