Saturday, 9 July 2011



A long time ago I saw these nailpolish colors at the Kruidvat. I really loved them, but I didn't know which colors I wanted(because there were a lot). Then, I went to the store today and I saw another lovely color. It was the last one and I couldn't resist! It was such a beautiful color and Im really addicted to it. From the other colors I picked two I liked the most. I could have bought more because they were only €1,25 I believe.

I don't know if they have these colors in other countries, but for those of you from Holland who want to get these colors, these are the names and numbers:
  • n.37 Just rock it!
  • n.38 Choose me
  • n.43 Where is the party?

n.37 Just rock it!

n.43 Where is the party? Sorry for the blurry picture.

n.38 Choose me. Too bad it's not that thick
N. 43 Where is the party? is my favorite color. I think I'm going to wear it a lot. Which is your favorit?

x&o's Emma


  1. Mooi lakjes!
    En er zitten 2 mensen mee te kijken hoe je foto's neemt, hihi! Grappig.

    **Een bezoekje of reactie terug is ook voor mij een duwtje in de rug! <3

  2. Ik heb n.43 laatst gehaald en hij is erg mooi!

  3. Leuke kleurtjes :3!
    Vooral die laatste is schattig ^^!

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  5. Love this colors! Great blog! What about follow each other?
    Hugs&Kisses, Dominika

  6. Ik heb choose me ook! hij is zooo mooi en heb er een super mooie nail art post over!