Sunday, 27 February 2011


I'm already getting this thing
you might think: ow again a post, she hasn't got anything to do
sad enought, that is actually true
maybe I could introduce myself a little bit more to you:
well, I'm Emma and 15 years old(you already knew that) and i live in a small city called IJsselstein
I love fashion (most of the time shopping, but also reading about it) and always want to have the latest things
the funny thing is actually that when I look in to my closet, I don't really like what I see

(I'm sorry for the mess!)

there are some new clothes in it, but also a lot of old stuff and they kind of "rule" my closet
it looks like I haven't updated my closet in like 10 years
I think the best way to get rid of this is to shop till I drop and buy all my must haves( if my wallet allows it!) and trow all my old stuff away: that will give me a great feeling!
first step: spring closet clearance


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