Sunday, 17 April 2011

Colour Blocking Trousers


Of course you all know about the colour blocking style of the new season. One thing, which really stands out in my opinion, are the bold coloured trousers. From a light salmon pink to a bright blue version. You've also got the different kind a shapes, like a skinny jeans or a harem baggy one. I still need one for this summer and I think I'm going with a blue skinny one.

I like that they are rolled up at the bottom.

Besides the long trousers you've also got the bright coloured short versions. These are extremely suited for sunny days to get your legs tanned but keep looking fashionable. You've got these in normal shorts versions and in high-waisted versions. The high-waisted ones go great with crop tops.

They are so cute with a small belt.
 What do you think of the bold trousers? Am I seeing you with them this summer or are they too bold for you? Let me know and leave a comment.

x&o's Emma

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  1. I LOVE color pants !
    I like your blog !

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